9 Ways to get Glowing Skin this Winter

Get the Glow this Winter

As the frosty months roll nearer, I find myself becoming increasingly lazy with my skincare routine. My quick fix solution is usually to hide my dull looking skin behind a chunky scarf and a heavy duty highlighter.

The problem is that chilly weather and central heating are some of the worst culprits for wrecking our skin at this time of year. They dry it out, leaving us looking and feeling a bit worse for wear.

I decided this year I need to step up my game and show my skin some much needed love and attention.  These are my top tips which I find if I routinely do, make a noticeable difference to my skin. They help me feel more confident and give me radiant skin in the colder months.

Swap face wipes for a hydrating cleanserskincare-1461395_960_720

Make-up wipes may seem like a great idea, but they actually only remove the top layer of your make-up and they strip the skin of its natural oils. Use a Micellar Water and cotton wool to remove what you can, and then use water and a creamy cleanser to finish the job.

Clean those makeup brushes

A British study found that 72% of women never wash their makeup brushes and sponges, leaving the dirt and bacteria on these makeup applicators to cause break outs. To avoid spotty skin, wash your brushes oncepexels-photo-457702.jpg a week with a gentle face cleanser or shampoo with lukewarm water, then lay flat to air dry. When I started to wash my brushes more regularly, my skin quickly became less dull and much healthier looking.

Take off your makeup before bed… always

Leaving makeup on overnight clogs pores, dries out your skin and can even cause rashes. So even if you stumble in at 3am after a heavy night out, remove your makeup! You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Replenish your skin whilst you sleep

Night time is the best opportunity to loud your skin with nourishment. Face oils are perfect at locking in moisture without giving skin that greasy feel. Coconut Oil is great as it can be bought cheaply in local supermarkets or on amazon and replenishes the skin as you sleep.

Give H20 a gopexels-photo-113734.jpg

This is an essential step for improving the skins appearance. Not only does water help to clear toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes, but it also prevents dehydration which can cause premature ageing. Eight glasses a day is the ideal amount to help you get that natural glow.

Scrub the dullness away

Gently exfoliate your skin to remove flaking caused by dead skin cells. Why not try out my homemade coffee scrub found here? I love it. It dramatically helps to reduce  dullness, leaving the skin with that lovely winter glow.

Sanitise your smart phone

A Stanford University study found that those iPhones we are all glued to are often more germ infested than a public toilet seat, and these germs will inevitably land on your face. (Ewww). This can cause spots and irritation, so clean your phone every so often with an antibacterial wipe to help your skin stay clean and bright.

Add a sun kissed glow

Why not rub on a little bit of face tanning lotion for a pick me up and a sun kissed glow on those murky days.


This is a vital step in my winter skincare regime. Moisturiser replenishes the skin with natural lipids and is one of the best ways to restore hydration. Those which contain vitamin E are extra lovely as these are rich in antioxidants which help to defend the skin from harmful environmental factors such as pollution.pexels-photo-260405

Invest in a serum

If you’re looking for a fast and faff free way to give your skin a moisture hit and a gorgeous glow, this serum is your new best friend. Not only is it lighter than face cream, it also contains a higher concentration of essential oils to nourish you skin to give it a healthy look. Although on the pricier side, serum can combat a number of skin issues such as dullness and wrinkles so it is a fab product to have in your skincare collection.

So to pep up your beauty routine this winter, why not give these tips a go and see if they make a difference for you too? princess-sofia-regular

*This article contains affiliate links, meaning I may make a commission from products purchased through links on this blog post. However, all opinions are my own*

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