What’s in my Bag? – Flight edition

My Hand Luggage Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram, and have been bombarded with the never ending travel photos I’ve been posting on my story, it will come as no surprise to you that I just got back from a 3 week road trip around Spain! I had an absolutely lovely time exploring such a fascinating country. I saw and learnt so much! Although I am back home now, in the dreary English weather, I am not ready to let go of my holiday spirit just yet, so thought I would let you guys know what I usually pack in my hand luggage for a short haul flight. I hope this interests any new flyers or anyone looking for some new products to add to their travel must-haves!

1) The important stuff: I have a clear plastic folder that I put my passport, money, boarding pass, ehic card and travel insurance details in. It puts my clumsy mind at ease to know that all my essentials are in one place!

2) iPad: I get bored really easily. When I’m sitting on a plane, I quickly find myself fidgeting and checking the time.  For this reason, I always have to make sure I pack things into my travel bag that will keep my mind busy. I love to download my favourite Netflix shows (Gilmore Girls, Black Mirror, Skins, the list goes on!) onto my iPad as well as some BBC iplayer shows prior to my flight. It’s always great knowing that if boredom strikes, and I am in need of a juicy crime drama or a comedy to entertain me, I will always have some of my favourites stashed away.

3) Book/ Magazine: It’s a tradition of mine to go to WHSmith before a flight and pick out a book and Mag that grabs my attention most. Often I will also download some books onto Audible.com, an audio book app that I absolutely love. It’s perfect for if you want to bring multiple books on your hols but don’t wan’t to lug around an entire library in your bag.

4) Phone and Portable Charger: Like most people these days, I don’t feel fully prepared to leave the house unless I have my phone. It’s an essential item for me in the airport and the plane.  Although they have to be switched off or put on airplane mode on a flight, I just use it to listen to Spotify music that I have previously downloaded, as this doesn’t require wifi or data. The only problem with listening to music on my phone for hours is that is completely drains my battery, so I always make sure I pack a portable charger to reboot my phone when I need to. I absolutely love the Puridea Portable Charger in Rose Pink and Ivory white because not only does it double as a speaker, it’s also really thin and compact which is ideal for travelling! buynowThe device has 4 LED lights which help me out a lot as they show you how many charges are left inside. I also just think the colour is sooo cute!

5) Headphones: These are an absolute must for me when travelling, as I pretty much always have music or a book playing when I fly. I like to use overear headphones as I find these to be far more noise cancelling than any other headphone style.

6) Camera: I try to capture as much as I can when I travel, so I bring my camera along with me in my travel bag to save as many memories as possible.bokeh-blur-2577425_960_720

7) Something warm: I have always been someone who feels the cold, and I find flights to be especially chilly.  So I pack a cosy jumper (and sometimes some fluffy socks too) into my travel bag to ensure I make it through my flight without feeling like an icicle.

8) Moisturiser:  I often find that when I am flying my skin feels kind of dried out and in need of a boost. This article from Allure explains how typically, skin is most comfortable when the humidity is between 40 to 70 percent. The problem is that most plane cabins are at about 20 percent. That’s less than half of what we are used to.  Therefore it’s essential that you pack a great moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.  The ‘All You Need is Me’ moisturiser by True Organics of Sweden is well known as a gorgeous cruelty free alternative to the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. The product is so moisturising and gentle on the skin, and a little bit goes a long which is a great bonus as it means the product lasts a long time. buynow It’s made from 100% organic ingredients so contains no nasty chemicals and even the packaging is made entirely from recycled goods. The cream works wonders in just hours, leaving skin feeling beautifully soft, reducing redness and evening out skin tone. Even better still, the company offer 15ml tubes, which are perfect for travelling!!

9) Paracetamol: Packing painkillers into my travel bag helps my peace of mind, as it ensures that if a horrible headache strikes, I’m always prepared.

10) Travel pillow: This may not seem like an essential to some, but I am the type of person who can sleep ANYWHERE. A travel pillow is my best friend on flights as I always nap to pass the time, so I want to ensure I feel as comfortable as possible and that I leave the flight feeling well rested.

11) Water : Once I am through security, I pack one or two bottles of water into my travel bag to increase energy, reduce fatigue and make sure I feel refreshed and happy during the flight!

12) Snacks: Last, but certainly not least, you’ve just gotta take some great food onto your flight with you.  I love to grab a few of my favourite things from duty free for any mid flight peckishness and to save me from buying plane food, as this is usually quite expensive.

So there it is, everything I take with me on a short haul flight. Have I missed anything out? What is your no.1 essential item for a flight?




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2 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag? – Flight edition

  1. Love it Georgie. Great article. I’ve also discovered Audible but only recently and love love love it like you. (Apparently you can also download books from your local library for free; my friend’s discovered it, but I’m not sure the range of titles are as impressive as Audible.) Thanks Georgie! X

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