Autumn is Coming: 18 Reasons to be Excited

Battle of the Seasons

Unpopular opinion time: Autumn beats Summer.

Whenever I say this in front of my Summer loving family, they look at me as if I’ve just completely lost my mind. They give me that seriously concerned, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ sort of look. They just don’t get it at all.

But I guess I’ve just never been too fussed about the whole Summer hype. Yes, of course, this season can be great fun in some ways. I’d never pass up a trip to the beach, a huge music festival or any excuse to eat ice cream. I love all that. But Summer will NEVER be my favourite season. The two just can’t compete.  Autumn is a sweet embrace of  cosiness and hot chocolates and justified duvet days. Summer just brings sunburn, sweat and shirtless middle aged men. No thank you.

I wasn’t always like this. As a child, I counted down the days until Mum started buying ice lollies and taking us to those outside water parks. But over the years something changed in me. Maybe my sticky, sun cream laden skin and the constant trauma of being chased by evil wasps finally got to me. Or maybe it was being forced to take part in cross country running at school during sweltering weather that did it for me. Now that was traumatic. Whatever the reason was, I reached a turning point. I realised that Autumn is, without a doubt, the superior season. I’m convinced of it. And I’m determined to convince you too.

So here’s 18 reasons why Autumn will ALWAYS win over Summer. Lets go.

Leaf and conker.jpg


1) Open fires! Because there’s nothing quite like a few crackling flames to warm up your home and calm your mood.

2) Big comfy jumpers. You can NEVER buy too many of these in my opinion. These aren’t just clothing items. Nope. They’re companions, looking out for you in times of need. Want to make minimal effort with your outfit whilst still looking stylish and presentable? No worries. Acquired an unwanted food baby? Watch your slouchy sweater save the day. Need to layer up for the frosty weather outside? That trusty jumper’s got you covered.

3) The makeup!!  Boost your Autumnal spirits with a bit of plum lipstick, smoky eye shadow and maroon nail varnish. Sorted.

4) Society’s sudden pumpkin spice obsession. Probably the yummiest scent/taste ever created.  I love it. Not even ashamed.

5) Autumn is beautiful. It goes without saying that Autumn is just a seriously pretty season. The warm brown and orange tones are just too lovely to go unnoticed. They make way for some gorgeous photos opportunities too.

6) The cosiness. Everything in Autumn just feels far more restful and homely than usual. Cuddling down in front of the telly with a blanket, a  hot chocolate and some comfy clothes is my fave way to chill out after a hectic day.

7) SCENTED CANDLES. Because why would you chose a fresh, light scent when you can make your home smell like a salted caramel cinnamon roll with toasted marshmallows on top??????

8) Costa/Starbucks’ limited edition drinks. 1000000 calories worth of Autumnal goodness 🙂

9) Frosty morning walks (as cliché as it sounds, there’s no  nicer way to start the day than to wrap up warm and take a brisk chilly walk  to clear your head of any cobwebs or stressful thoughts that won’t budge).

10) Your favourite clothing shops bringing out their Autumn/Winter collections! There’s nothing better than finding that perfect winter coat, or than buying the essentials such as 7 packets or fluffy socks, 4 bobble hats and 4 blanket scarfs.

11) Halloween parties! An unbeatable excuse to dress up in stupid costumes and have endless hours of fun with friends and family.

12) Bonfire night- one of my favourite days of the entire year.  I love to see my little sister’s excitement when watching a striking firework display or when writing her name in the air with a sparkler. I love warming up cold hands in front of a cracking bonfire. Ahhh, I just love it all. pexels-photo-254125.jpg

13) Being able to unwind into a warm bubble bath without feeling like you’re dying of heat stroke.

14) Going out of your way to step on that extra crunchy looking leaf (we’ve all done it).

15) Catching the ridiculously early Christmas countdown bug. This involves symptoms such as watching The Grinch in September and buying an advent calendar to snack on in October.

16) Being able to justify why you’re still wearing your dressing gown at 2pm.

17) Not being disappointed by the weather. We weren’t hopelessly wishing for 30 degree sun anyway.

18) The return of the beloved onesie.


Convinced you yet? Let me know in the comment section below!












4 thoughts on “Autumn is Coming: 18 Reasons to be Excited

  1. I’m like you, Autumn is just the best ever!! Lovely post Georgie. Looking forward to the next. (I’m in Greece at the moment and I’ve gone all autumnally-minded now – oh no!!!) x

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  2. Morning. Is your fb updated with this autumn post? I’ve just invited all my female fb friends to follow it, just so ya know!! ❤️❤️❤️

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